Strive forward bravely! Let's unite and fight in the cold winter! Rizhao Iron and Steel Group Holds a Third Quarter Work Conference


October 18th
Rizhao Steel Group
In the form of video conferencing
Hold the 2023 Third Quarter Work Conference
Mobilize the entire team

Firmly grasp the main line of accelerating high-quality development
Make good use of the grip of major reforms
Adhere to extreme thinking
Strengthen efficiency oriented efficiency
Deepen comprehensive benchmarking and find differences
Reduce costs and increase efficiency for all employees, all directions, and the entire process
Effectively improving value creation ability
For Rizhao Steel Group
Quickly enter a higher quality 'development zone'
Seize the opportunity

Hou Jun conducted an in-depth analysis of the current internal and external situations faced by enterprises in his speech, and summarized the response measures taken by enterprises since the beginning of this year. He said that the steel industry has entered a "cold winter" period of deep adjustment, with periodic losses and long-term low profits, and tight living has become the norm. But the more it is a tug of war and a prolonged battle, the more we cannot hesitate or retreat. No matter how difficult it is, we must remain firm in our confidence, grit our teeth, and move forward. We must always strengthen our awareness of crisis, competition, and development. If we do not advance, we will retreat. If we slow down, we will also retreat. If we slack off a bit, we will fall back to the starting point and the bottom, and our efforts will be wasted.

We need to adapt to the "times and trends" and accurately position ourselves in challenging the "cold winter" of the industry. In the face of complex and severe internal and external situations, it is necessary to find a position in adapting to the tide of the times, keeping up with industry trends, grasping the current of reform, moving forward despite difficulties, and answering the question "how to look and act in an uncertain environment". The main steel industry should fully leverage the role of "pillars" and "ballast stones", substantively promote the integrated operation of the two bases, and solidly promote the realization of ultimate efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency in production and operation. Diversified industries should strive to play an important role in filling gaps and supporting, strengthen synergies with the main steel industry, and make more contributions to quelling the cyclical impact of steel.

We need to find the right path and bridge to enhance our ability to survive the winter while improving quality and efficiency. The market does not believe in tears, let alone sympathize with the weak. The market is fair, we cannot directly change the market, but we can fight on the spot and win in the market. The more complex the situation is and the more arduous the task is, the more important it is to maintain strategic concentration, take the "cold winter" as an opportunity for "winter training", vigorously beat the drums, boost the oars, pragmatically promote the "one person, one table", comprehensively improve the operation and management ability and level, further deepen the practical "accounting" operation, make sure the accounts are detailed, complete, clear and thorough, adjust the posture and correct the template in the run, Ensure the efficiency and quality of completing various tasks and goals throughout the year.