The Theoretical Learning Center Group of the Party Committee of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group Holds Collective Learning


On September 22, the 11th collective learning of the theoretical learning center group of the Party Committee of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group in 2023 was held in the office building. Li Hongjian, Chen Mingyu, Chen Xiaohong, Li Maoling, and Ran Hongguo, leaders of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, participated in the study. The meeting invited two non party intellectuals from the finance department and the public welfare department to attend as observers.

We should carefully summarize and comprehensively sort out the achievements of theme education, fully utilize and adhere to the good practices formed in theme education, pay close attention to the transformation of research results and the implementation of rectification tasks, solidly do a good job in the second half of the article of theme education, so that the achievements of theme education can better guide work, solve problems, and promote development, ensuring that the new atmosphere and changes brought by theme education form a normal and achieve long-term effects in work.

We must continue to carry forward the work style of "strict, true, meticulous, and fast", set the goals for the second half of the year without slackening, and ensure the comprehensive completion of the goals for the second half of the year with a continuous struggle posture. To accurately grasp the practical requirements of high-quality development in the new era, further plan the transformation and development plan of Laigang, deeply explore and promote the "2+2+x" industrial development concept, fully utilize existing land resources to actively promote the development of hydrogen energy and other industries, enrich the ecosystem, optimize the industrial chain, and accelerate the shaping of new development advantages.