Fully sprint towards the annual goal!


Faced with the pressure and challenges brought by the long-term downward trend of the steel industry, on September 14th, Rizhao Iron and Steel Group held a production and operation scheduling meeting to further mobilize the entire group to gather consensus, unite as one, and make every effort to strive for monthly profit targets and fully achieve the annual goal.

The main task of holding this production and operation scheduling meeting on site is to further mobilize the entire group to gather consensus, unite as one, take the initiative, rely on the present, plan for the long term, adhere to accounting management, adhere to analytical thinking, firmly drive innovation, and firmly believe in winning. Make good use of the current relatively favorable policy guidance and market conditions, and respond to market uncertainty with the determination of hard work and internal skills. Seize the present, grasp the month We will focus on the long term, pursue "profitable revenue" and "cash flow profit", and strive to improve the group's ability to resist risks. In September, we will resolutely achieve a month on month loss reduction for the entire group, make every effort to strive for monthly profit goals, and hold onto the "basic line" of annual operating indicators with unwavering determination and enthusiasm, promoting the group company to quickly cross the "survival line" and enter a higher quality "development zone".

Regarding the next specific work, Hou Jun proposed requirements: firstly, to conduct systematic research and judgment, gather consensus, and fully recognize the severity of the industry situation and the seriousness of his own problems. The second is to seize the key, pursue the ultimate, and take practical and effective measures to unite and overcome difficulties. We need to focus on accounting operations and make every effort to improve operational performance. To effectively reduce costs, we must firmly establish the concept of "all costs can be reduced". Each unit should focus on internal and management, pay special attention to source control, and resolutely eliminate "leakage". We must not only calculate the comprehensive accounts of the entire industry chain and value chain for the entire group, but also increase the efforts to reduce costs and expenses, including specific production lines, specific varieties, specific projects, specific processes, and other "details", Truly implement the goal of cost reduction to improve efficiency and create value. Do a good job in adding efficiency and adhere to the principle of "using real gold and silver as heroes". The steel industry should focus on high-end and high profit products, increase new product development, strengthen the promotion of high value-added products, accelerate the increase of market share of profitable products, continuously optimize product structure, eliminate the proportion sequence of profitable products, improve efficiency contribution rate, and achieve the synergy of production, technology, and marketing to shape comparative advantages. We should focus on problem-solving thinking, make every effort to overcome difficulties and obstacles, use "multiplication" to identify the severity of the problem, and use "division" to identify the shortcomings of the problem. The governance of loss-making enterprises requires "one enterprise, one policy", continuously improving personnel efficiency, and effectively enhancing capital operation capabilities. We need to focus on innovation driven, do everything possible to solidify development momentum, make good use of the "winter training" strategic opportunity period, fully promote the implementation of major reforms as soon as possible, and strive to move towards high-end, efficient, intelligent upgrading, and green transformation. We need to focus on confidence in winning, make every effort to achieve safe development, comprehensively enhance the "gold content" of enterprise business performance, actively prevent and resolve risks, and fully adhere to the "bottom line" of safety.