The company holds a warning education conference and a special party class on warning education


The company holds a warning education conference
Special Party Class on Warning Education
Require all cadres and employees to
Fully recognize the extremely severe and complex current situation
The situation of anti-corruption and promoting integrity
Fully recognize the impact of corruption on enterprises
The enormous harm of the 'two ecosystems'
Take the case as a warning, fear, and guard the bottom line with the constant sound of the alarm bell
Be steadfast in maintaining a clean and upright political environment
Maintainer of efficient operation ecology with Sunshine
Provide strong guarantees for the high-quality development of the company

Firstly, we need to improve our political standing, conscientiously fulfill our duties, and prioritize loyalty to the Party as our primary political character. Maintain zero tolerance towards corruption from a political perspective. Party organizations at all levels and party members and cadres at all levels must bear in mind the political task of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, firmly unify their thoughts and actions with the requirements of the company's party committee, recognize the situation, eliminate corruption with a zero tolerance attitude, thoroughly eliminate the negative impact of "black sheep", comprehensively eliminate the harmful effects of corrupt elements, further purify the team, purify the atmosphere, and deliver excellent results in the high-quality development of the company. To demonstrate loyalty to the Party through taking on responsibilities and practical actions. Every cadre and employee should use the problems found in various supervision and inspections as resources to rectify and implement them effectively and promote the improvement of corporate governance efficiency. All levels of party organizations and party members and cadres should improve their political judgment, understanding, and execution abilities, and have a clear understanding of the importance of the country and the enterprise. They should consciously apply the word "strict" throughout the entire process of implementing the company's party and government decision-making and deployment, with one voice from top to bottom and maintaining a consistent pace. For the major decision-making and deployment made by the company's party and government, as well as the task goals set by superiors, party organizations at all levels should Party members and cadres at all levels must fully implement and implement it. Demonstrating new achievements in comprehensive and strict governance of the Party through the implementation of responsibilities. Comprehensive and strict governance of the Party is the commander of all work, and fulfilling the main responsibility is the first responsibility of party organizations and party members and leading cadres at all levels. Each party branch should fully leverage the combat fortress role of grassroots party organizations, conduct practical and meticulous daily supervision of party members and employees, promptly bite their ears and sleeves, blush and sweat when discovering any signs or tendencies, and demonstrate their care and love for cadres and employees.

The second is to firmly adhere to ideals and beliefs, establish a correct outlook on life, values, and power, and make the purity of party spirit a conscious political pursuit. With firm ideals and beliefs, Bacon casts the soul.   We should constantly tighten the overall switch of our thinking, establish a positive mindset, and take the initiative to look back on life. We should constantly brush off our initial aspirations, constantly reflect on whether we are loyal to our duties, whether we are doing practical things for the workers and masses, and whether we are honest in our work. We should constantly improve our ideological level and strengthen our party spirit training. Use power with a high degree of reverence and caution. Party members and cadres at all levels, especially leading cadres, should always maintain a sense of reverence for power, based on their job responsibilities, strictly manage their power, understand what can and cannot be done, adhere to clear rules and regulations, and maintain a sense of propriety. They should not extend their hands to the power of superiors, interfere with the power of subordinates, interfere with external power, and be unresponsive to collective power. Strengthen the education and management of young cadres and employees with a high sense of responsibility. Party organizations at all levels should not only attach importance to the cultivation of young cadres and employees, but also strengthen education and constraints. The reminder, criticism, and stop should be given to remind them to remember the principle that integrity is a blessing and greed is a curse. Through strict management and love, young cadres should be encouraged to take on their responsibilities, and the "first button" for young cadres to engage in clean work should be properly fastened.

Thirdly, we need to enhance our awareness of discipline and rules, have reverence in our hearts, and make integrity a distinct political essence. Strictly implement the spirit of the central eight point regulations. Party organizations at all levels should continue to focus on political work style, reform work style, and strict work style, adhere to problem orientation, and target rectification. Discipline inspection commissions at all levels should persistently uphold the principles of integrity and discipline, deeply grasp the characteristics of unhealthy practices and corruption, which are both external and internal, and share the same root and source. They should further improve the working mechanism of investigating corruption and conduct investigations, break the combination of legislation and rectification, and promote the transformation of customs and habits. Strictly handle small matters and keep small ones. We must enhance our self-management ability, continuously strengthen the embankment of our thinking, thicken our armor for prevention, firmly grasp the first line of defense, and prevent our oversight in small matters, our failure in small details, and our failure in small profits, ultimately leading to the collapse of small pipes. Maintain communication barriers, purify social circles, life circles, and friend circles. Party organizations at all levels should start with the leadership team and leading cadres, adopt methods such as clean home visits, strengthen supervision of the daily performance of party members and leading cadres, especially "beyond eight hours", pay attention to identifying and mastering signs and tendencies, carry out targeted conversations and reminders, and urge them to consciously develop the habit of working and living under supervision. Party members and cadres should be vigilant, self-discipline and self reflection, and communication must have principles and rules. They should often consciously purify their circle of friends and social circles, pay attention to preventing being "hunted" by interest groups, and enhance their awareness of resisting corruption and preventing change.