We cannot change the market, but we can change ourselves


Facing the harsh winter of steel
We must break through
No amount of effort can solve the overall loss of the industry
The negative attitude of the situation
It must be clearly recognized that
We cannot change the market
In order to survive, we must change ourselves
Through our own changes
Continuously adapting to market demand
In order to gain new vitality

He Wenbo, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Chairman of the China Steel Association, stated that the development of the steel industry is facing unprecedented risks and challenges since the supply side structural reform. The formation of this adverse situation is multifaceted, and it is difficult for our company and employees to control it alone. However, we cannot be pessimistic or passive and give up on our actions due to this. Although we cannot control the market, we can control ourselves. Through our efforts, we can continuously improve the competitiveness of our enterprises. In the process of reshuffling steel enterprises, we can constantly strengthen our bodies and bones, enabling our enterprises to continuously achieve new development.

In the harsh market situation, we must firmly overcome difficulties with confidence, face new challenges and accept new tests with a good mental outlook and a positive working state, seek benefits from output, quality, cost, innovation, and market. In the face of difficulties, it is necessary for us to carefully reflect on our thoughts and work. We should ask ourselves whether we are passive in dealing with difficulties or proactive in making progress; Is it trying every means to find a solution, or digging for excuses; Is it fearless in the face of indicators or relentless pursuit of benchmarking and tapping potential. We must firmly believe that as long as our spirit does not decline, there are always more solutions than difficulties. To inspire oneself, think seriously, base oneself on the actual situation of the position, find one's own work goals, and go all out to fight for the survival and development of the enterprise. This is not only a need for the survival of the enterprise, but also a need for all our employees.

As the ancients said, "Great things are difficult to bear, but prosperity and adversity depend on one's mind. We must always stand at the height of safeguarding the interests of the group company, listed companies, and employees, steadfastly strive to increase production, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, steadfastly create industry comparative advantages, firmly seize development opportunities in market competition, and steadfastly complete various tasks and goals.

We should have a high sense of responsibility of "prospering the enterprise, I am proud, and declining the enterprise, I am ashamed", care for and cherish everything in the enterprise, think for the enterprise in everything, serve the enterprise everywhere, fully promote the spirit of ownership, fulfill our duties, and breathe and share a common destiny with the enterprise. Face every task with the mindset and belief of the owner, and do everything well. Don't make things difficult because they are big, don't stop doing things because they are small, don't forget to do things because they are many, and don't make mistakes because things are complicated. For matters within one's scope of responsibility, go all out, do one's best, and never slack off; Faced with contradictions and difficulties, face them head-on, find ways to solve them, and never shrink back.

We should be serious and persistent in our thinking and work style, proactive and never complacent, constantly improving and continuously improving; Comprehensively innovate in concepts, ideas, and work methods to improve work level and performance; To further improve execution and achieve all task objectives without compromise.

We need to benchmark with the most advanced enterprises in the industry, carefully reflect, identify shortcomings, identify weaknesses, closely monitor advanced indicators, clarify improvement directions, formulate improvement measures, and increase work intensity. We have a solid foundation in our work. As long as we aim at our goals, stay focused on the green mountains, dare to shine a sword towards the top, persist for a long time, and continuously improve, we will definitely be able to achieve the top goal.

Efficiently work, meticulously operate, and care about the word 'diligent'. Working well does not mean doing the job well or well. It is necessary to learn more, reflect more, summarize more, and improve more. Be good at learning and applying various good experiences and methods, and promote one's work to achieve good results.