Rizhao Iron and Steel Group Holds a Learning and Life Meeting


  The meeting closely linked with reality, thoroughly investigated and identified issues, conducted a profound analysis of party spirit, and carried out criticism and self-criticism seriously. Li Hongjian, Chen Mingyu, Chen Xiaohong, Li Maoling, Meng Xianjian, and Sun Litao, leaders of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, attended the meeting. Li Xueyu, Secretary of the Board of Directors of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, Director of the Office/Party Committee Office, and member of the Second Tour Guidance Group, attended the meeting for guidance.

The Party Committee of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group attaches great importance to this special democratic life meeting. The leadership team and members closely adhere to the overall requirements of "learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements". Before the meeting, they carefully organize learning and discussion, conduct in-depth heart to heart talks, deeply identify prominent issues, and the collective research team compares and inspects materials, carefully writing individual speech outlines. The second tour guidance group of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group carefully reviewed and controlled the situation, laying a solid foundation for high-quality special democratic life meetings.