Special training on "Learning and Implementing Accountability Measures"


Party organizations, affiliated units, departments, and party members, cadres, and management personnel at all levels:
★ We need to effectively improve our political standing, fully understand the importance of introducing accountability methods, and make learning and using accountability methods effectively an important task, and conscientiously grasp them.
★ We need to deepen organizational learning and promotion to ensure that accountability methods take root. Through specialized learning, promotion and training, we should conscientiously organize our learning, and use exams to promote learning and learning to promote practice. We should urge us to tighten the thread of "responsibility" from the perspective of ideological understanding, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of accountability methods.
★ To enhance the awareness of struggle, effectively increase accountability, adhere to comprehensive and increasingly strict measures, carry forward the spirit of struggle, combine accountability methods with specific practices, strictly assume their responsibilities, manage their jurisdiction, dare to be good at accountability, fully release the power contained in the system, and make accountability and accountability become the norm.
★ We must adhere to precise accountability, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of accountability, promote comprehensive strict governance of the Party and enterprises towards in-depth development, and provide a clean and upright political ecology and a sunny and standardized operational ecology for the high-quality development of Shangang Group.