The Democratic Life Conference of Party Members and Leading Cadres was held


Tao Dengkui made comments on this democratic life conference. He pointed out that the preparation work for this democratic life conference was relatively solid, the theme was closely focused, the criticism and self criticism were sincere, the rectification measures were specific, and the expected goals were achieved, in line with the spirit of the central government and the requirements of the provincial party committee. Tao Dengkui requested that first, we should deeply study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and firmly grasp the correct direction of reform and development. We should highlight and strengthen political construction, adhere to the integration of theory with practice, and shoulder the responsibility of managing the Party and governing the Party. Secondly, we should take the opportunity of the Democratic Life Association to comprehensively improve the quality of political life within the party. We must effectively enhance the awareness of Party members, make good use of criticism and self criticism weapons, and carry out the rectification of identified problems. Thirdly, we need to deepen and expand democratic life to achieve results, and focus on building a strong and powerful leadership collective. To effectively maintain the unity of the team, take the lead in practical work and take responsibility, firmly establish a sense of purpose, build a strong cadre team, and strengthen the Party's disciplinary construction.

Tao Dengkui emphasized the need to effectively stabilize the pace of work, always maintain resonance with the overall promotion of the Rizhao Iron and Steel Group system, closely focus on the tasks determined at the Rizhao Iron and Steel Group's annual work meeting and the fifth session of the Workers' Congress, adhere to the work positioning of "competing for the top, walking ahead" and the development positioning of "stock asset disposal, equity optimization, and park construction", and anchor the various goals determined in the business plan, Highlighting key tasks such as "Party building leadership, industrial transformation, benchmarking improvement, resource revitalization, cost control, and risk prevention", we will steadfastly adjust the structure, control risks, promote transformation, and seek development.   Strive to write a new chapter of transformation and development, and make new and greater contributions to building a world-class enterprise and achieving high-quality development for Rizhao Iron and Steel Group.