Shandong Iron and Steel Group's "Quality Month" Activity Launched


We need to fully understand the importance of strengthening comprehensive quality management work. Quality is an important cornerstone for the survival and development of enterprises; Strengthening total quality management is the only way to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; Strengthening comprehensive quality management is an effective means for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency.

We need to strengthen the support of industrial foundation quality and improve the level of industrial quality competition. To accelerate the promotion of technological iteration and quality upgrading; Improve the level of comprehensive quality management; Creating quality development advantages; Enhance the quality leadership of industrial clusters.

We need to strengthen quality awareness and support the healthy development of brand building. To establish brand awareness; Enhance the momentum of quality development and innovation; Strengthen brand building.

We need to carry out the "Quality Month" activity in a deep and solid manner. Each unit should attach great importance to the "Quality Month" activity and conscientiously implement the requirements of the company's "Quality Month" activity plan; Drive quality improvement with a problem oriented approach; Increase the intensity of quality rewards and punishments; Establish a long-term mechanism for quality management work.