Confidence, confidence, or confidence


Since the second half of last year, China's steel industry has entered a downward cycle and a stage of reduced development, with periodic losses and long-term low profits becoming the new normal. The steel industry is facing a new situation of "weakened demand, falling prices, falling investment, rising costs, and declining profits". In the past, there was a differentiation between "fast and slow", but now it is facing the test of "life and death".

Faced with the severe market situation, we must have the confidence to face challenges and dare to win, to ensure that the overall business performance is improving in the second half of the year.

In the process of reform and development of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, regardless of the difficulties, risks, challenges, and difficulties faced, we have always steadfastly adhered to the goal of high-quality development and building a world-class enterprise, and are committed to striving for it. Faced with difficulties and challenges, Rizhao Iron and Steel Group accurately evaluates the situation, scientifically responds to changes, and adopts timely response strategies; The vast number of employees have united and worked hard under pressure, demonstrating the "spirit and spirit" of bravely facing challenges. At the 2022 semi annual work meeting, Rizhao Iron and Steel Group made a timely deployment to "ensure survival". As of now, the industrial operation is stable and orderly, deepening reform is advancing in depth, and innovation vitality is constantly stimulated. The entire group is facing the complex development environment and contradictory issues both internally and externally, with a unified mindset and a shared desire from top to bottom. All employees have transformed from "winter" to "winter training", continuously improving their essential operational level, comprehensively improving efficiency, and demonstrating strong resilience in dealing with difficulties and challenges.

We need to strengthen our confidence and actively respond to problems and challenges through proactive pursuit of change. The third quarter is an important critical period for consolidating the positive trend and ensuring the achievement of annual performance goals. We must follow the deployment of the Rizhao Iron and Steel Group's six-month work meeting, firmly grasp the improvement of key indicators, such as per ton steel profit, monthly product output, import ore procurement cost, pig iron cost, etc., and reduce the scale of loss units. The blade is inward, formulate and implement loss reduction plans, strengthen cost control, and strictly control various expenses, Make every effort to reduce losses. Diversified sectors should focus on increasing profits, comprehensively improve performance, and use high-quality development achievements to strengthen the industry position of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, injecting surging momentum into the severe steel market. Cadres and employees should maintain a decisive sprint posture, stay focused on their positions, set their goals, and maintain unwavering motivation and momentum. They should wholeheartedly and wholeheartedly move forward towards their goals, and embrace a better tomorrow with confidence.