Extreme, ultimate, or ultimate


Since the second half of 2022, Chinese steel companies have faced a dual squeeze of cost resilience and insufficient demand. Industry insiders predict that over 30% of steel companies will be eliminated by competition in the next few years. In the past, it was a differentiation between "fast and slow", but now it is facing the test of "life and death". At this critical moment of survival, extreme efficiency is particularly important.

At the 2023 Half Year Work Conference
Hou Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman
Break through against the trend
Indicating direction and path

Focusing on stopping losses and increasing profits, tapping potential and increasing efficiency
Keep an eye on key links and nodes
Fully crack
Bottlenecks restricting the improvement of production and operation performance
Run out of development acceleration
Outperforming the industry market

To align with the first level titles of the group, identify one's own second level and third level titles, always follow the direction determined by extreme operation, and comprehensively benchmark and find differences, turning differences into pressure and motivation; Abandoning the conservative mindset of "doing things like this before, having more than enough to compare to the top", we cannot let "rather not do things than make mistakes" become the mainstream, and explore the path of ultimate efficiency and efficiency that suits the actual situation of our unit.

 We will take breakthrough measures to ensure the completion of the "one reduction and two increases" task goal of "reducing platform unit losses, enhancing the profitability of the steel main industry, and enhancing the efficiency level of diversified industries"; We need to rely on scientific management, take "profit per ton of steel" as the starting point, and focus on key indicators such as "enterprise profit", "cash flow", "asset efficiency", and "financial expenses per ton of steel" to outperform our peers and the overall market, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise; Faced with the harsh winter of the market, we need to carry forward the spirit of struggle, boldly reform, and rigidly implement supporting incentive systems such as the "one person, one table" and "horse racing mechanism". By utilizing the advantages of the system and mechanism, we can comprehensively stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of cadres and employees, form a good atmosphere of equal desire from top to bottom, and cut a path in market competition.

It must be emphasized that in this series of key measures, leaders and cadres at all levels must adhere to people-oriented, problem-oriented, innovative "optimal solution" paths with "solution oriented" thinking, coordinate and utilize all resources, and accomplish major tasks related to the long-term development of the group well. Efforts should be made to improve work efficiency, and leaders at all levels and headquarters departments should maintain a spirit of "getting things done immediately", establish an efficiency awareness of "whether it's late today or early tomorrow", reduce departmental "communication between people", and increase face-to-face communication between people.