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Leader of the Labor Union of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group
Led a team to drive for over a hundred kilometers
Go to Zibo Anchor Chain Company
Carry out the "Send Cool and Healthy" activity
When union leaders ask themselves what difficulties they have
Attachment class monitor Tian Yuangang is extremely excited

In response to the continuous high temperature weather this summer, the Rizhao Iron and Steel Union has taken multiple measures and continued to carry out the "two free and two promotion" and "cool and healthy package" activities to send care to frontline workers.
Since the summer solstice, Li Maoling, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Trade Union of Rizhao Iron and Steel Group, has led a team to four units, including Zibo Anchor Chain Company and Smart Supply Chain Company, to deliver refreshing materials such as watermelons and electric freezers to frontline production workers, visit and comfort cadres and employees who are sticking to their work positions at high temperatures, and advise everyone to prevent heatstroke and ensure safety and health.

We should not only allow employees to enjoy the coolness, but also ensure their physical and mental health. The Rizhao Iron and Steel Union actively constructs a multi-channel and three-dimensional employee health service system.
Provide fitness equipment such as badminton and volleyball to frontline employees, and support grassroots units to improve hardware facilities, repair some cultural and sports venues, and carry out the construction of employee homes through funding and allocation of fitness equipment; Distribute items such as wind oil essence and quick acting heart saving pills to enrich employee small medicine boxes; Organize model figures and employees in urgent and dangerous positions to participate in health treatment and rest activities in batches to alleviate their work pressure.