Joining hands with the world's largest oil company, the "the Belt and Road" circle of friends once again screens


1000 tons of X70M high-grade pipeline steel exported to Saudi Arabia
Successfully rolled off the hot rolling production line
Witnessed and tested by foreign parties
All technical indicators of the product meet the requirements
This is the company
High grade pipeline steel hot-rolled coil
First export to Saudi Arabia
Significantly, the company's pipeline steel
Significant breakthroughs have been made in expanding international markets
For improving the competitiveness of Shangang in the international market
Milestones in brand influence

The company attaches great importance to this cooperation and sees it as a "stepping stone" to further expand the pipeline steel market in Saudi Arabia. Due to the high strength level and wide thickness specification of the X70M order, the technical standards are very strict. It not only needs to meet the conventional pipeline steel standards, but also needs to meet the personalized indicators of pipe users and pipeline engineering. There are high requirements for the supplier's equipment ability, technical level, and quality management ability.

In order to deliver orders on time with high quality and quantity, the Technology Quality Center efficiently collaborates with production departments, steelmaking plants, hot rolling mills, and other units to reverse the construction period, organize production meticulously, fully consider user needs, and focus on technical breakthroughs to meet the stability requirements of coil performance. The product composition and production process are comprehensively optimized and strictly controlled, ultimately achieving high-quality product production.