The Party Committee's Theoretical Learning Center Group Holds Collective Learning


The 10th collective learning of the Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group in 2023 was held in the office building.

We must adhere to the principle of solidifying our hearts and casting our souls, and ensure that the Party's innovative theories are put into practice.   Effectively transforming the innovative theory of the Party in the new era into a strong force to firm ideals, refine Party spirit, guide practice, and promote work.

We must adhere to the bottom line and ensure the comprehensive completion of the tasks and goals in the second half of the year. We should promote the work style of "strict, true, meticulous, and fast", always set our goals without slackening, use goals to push responsibility, time to push progress, and assessment to push implementation. We should truly implement all tasks in a detailed and efficient manner. We must always maintain a state of mind that does not stop or slack off, and with a spirit of not stopping until we achieve our goals. We must work while calculating, ensuring the smooth completion of various task goals with high quality and efficiency.

We must adhere to comprehensive and strict measures to ensure the creation of a clean and upright political ecosystem. We need to strengthen the leading role of comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, highlight the theme of education, inspection, and rectification, deepen the special rectification of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises", and use the spirit of struggle to rectify conduct, discipline, and anti-corruption. Party members and cadres should consciously strengthen their party spirit cultivation and build a solid ideological defense line against corruption and change; We must firmly grasp the overall requirements of the theme education of "learning ideology, strengthening party spirit, valuing practice, and building new achievements", self alert in ideology, self-discipline in action, continuously improve our political awareness, legal and disciplinary awareness, and awareness of clean governance, and always be aware of awe, fear, and bottom line.

We must adhere to the principle of turning the blade inward and ensure that the thematic democratic life will create a high-quality new atmosphere.   Seriously and conscientiously carry out criticism and self-criticism, comprehensively carry out problem rectification, and ensure that the theme education achieves positive results through the high-quality convening of the special democratic life meeting.