If you want to do something, you can do it. Do the right thing, do the right thing


Zhang Runsheng, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Company
At the promotion meeting of the second half of the year, it was pointed out that
Leading cadres at all levels need to improve their political standing
Adhere to high goal leadership and achieve
Wanting to do something, capable of doing something, doing something right, achieving something
Leading the staff and masses to comprehensively complete the project
Production and operation tasks in the second half of the year
Cadres are the key to career development

Those who do things are born out of consideration and succeed in their work. When looking at a cadre, the key is to see whether they are pretending to work, whether they dare to take responsibility, whether they have a sense of responsibility, and whether they want to do something. Only when leading cadres attach more importance to the responsibilities entrusted by the organization and the trust of the staff and workers than to Mount Taishan, can they seek their political position and perform their duties. We should focus our minds on 'wanting to do things', be less impulsive and think more, be less slack and more practical, often think about where we are, what we should do, what responsibilities we should take, and how to be responsible. We should focus our minds on researching problems, promoting work, and planning for development. To establish a correct view of power, political achievements, and career, one should have a clear understanding that the power and position they hold are bestowed upon them by the organization and the employees, and are used to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise and seek the well-being of the employees. To cultivate the magnanimity of "success does not have to be in me" and the historical responsibility of "success must be in me", we should regard promoting enterprise development and serving employees as the most important political achievements and standards.