More than 5000 people participated in the battle, with only one target


Each unit firmly establishes a safety awareness of "making way for safety, no loss, no veto", and goes all out to do a good job in the safety work of maintenance. Carry out safety education and safety disclosure before construction, and establish a solid foundation for on-site safety control. Implement the main responsibility of safety management and supervision management on the construction site. Resolutely eliminate the "three violations" behavior and ensure the safety of the maintenance process.

Strictly control quality and scientifically control the construction period. The main responsible unit attaches great importance to the control of maintenance quality, and strictly organizes construction in accordance with the construction plan and technical process requirements to ensure that various equipment hazards are eliminated and the accuracy of key equipment is restored.

The maintenance leaders of each unit rush to each production line every day to track the on-site situation, supervise and inspect the operation on the maintenance site, promptly correct violations, and ensure the safe and orderly implementation of maintenance work.