The theoretical learning center group of the company's party committee held collective learning


Zhang Runsheng's Requirements——
Firstly, we need to learn from our thinking and strengthen our foundation, seek breakthroughs in theoretical guidance and practice, and further benchmark the direction of 'doing'. We must adhere to the leadership of the Party, strengthen Party building, and leverage the unique advantages of state-owned enterprises. We need to continue to deepen the construction of the "Three Navigation Projects" and effectively transform political advantages into new advantages for the company's high-quality development;   We must adhere to the policy of relying wholeheartedly on the working class and effectively safeguard the interests and legitimate rights and interests of employees; We must always adhere to the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party, adhere to the clear guidance of grasping the grassroots level, and build grassroots party branches into strong battle fortresses for effectively realizing the Party's leadership and will.
Secondly, we need to focus on practice and build new achievements, strive for breakthroughs in leveraging the role of ballast stones, and continuously consolidate the joint efforts of "doing". Further implement the relevant deployment of the group company and the joint-stock company, firmly grasp the work direction of the second half of the year and the annual task goals, and urge the implementation of specific response measures in accordance with the requirements of enhancing the "seven resilience" and creating the "eight advantages". To strengthen confidence, all cadres and employees should firmly develop confidence, maintain strategic determination, show fearless spirit, and strive actively to win new exciting work and life; To unite our efforts, all cadres and employees should further improve their political standing, unify their thoughts and actions, focus on key points and implementation, resolutely achieve basic goals, and strive to achieve challenging goals. We need to focus on the core indicator of profit per ton of steel, focus on both ends, control the middle, and ultimately reduce costs and increase profits; Continuously strengthen market awareness and user awareness, win market recognition, and obtain high-quality orders; We need to benchmark the advanced industries, strengthen collaborative linkage, tap into internal potential, minimize comparable costs per ton of steel, and improve product marginal benefits.
Three must be strong incentives and hard constraints, striving for breakthroughs in refining the steel style, and continuously injecting the driving force of "doing". We must persistently focus on situation and task education, and shift the focus of situation and task education to the grassroots level, so that the company can always work together and form a cohesive force; We should deepen the promotion of the "Strive for the Top and Walk Ahead" comprehensive discussion on the liberation of the mind among all employees, and effectively transform the results of the discussion into practical measures to promote work; We need to further strengthen the implementation of the assessment mechanism, unswervingly elevate the "one person, one table" and "horse racing mechanism" to the height of "standardization mechanism reform", achieve full coverage at five levels: factory, department, workshop, team, and position, and promote continuous improvement of performance indicators; We must closely monitor the "key minority" of leading cadres, fully implement the relevant regulations on their ability to rise and fall, so that leading cadres at all levels have both the pressure and motivation to rise.
The fourth is to provide strong warnings, clarify laws and discipline, strive for breakthroughs in comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and continue to shape an ecosystem of "doing". We need to deeply implement the work deployment of the higher-level party committee on the special rectification of the issue of "relying on enterprises to eat enterprises", focusing on the "key minority" and key positions, focusing on the rectification of special supervision issues in the field of purchase and sales, and increasing the efforts of investigation and rectification; We need to deepen the construction of a comprehensive supervision system, continuously consolidate the main responsibility of the Party Committee and the supervisory responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission, carry out comprehensive supervision, plug leaks and rectify losses, and comprehensively create a clean and upright political ecology and a sunny and efficient operational ecology; We should pay attention to strengthening integrity education, carry out the "Party Conduct and Clean Government Warning Education Month" activity in depth, and effectively build a solid defense line for clean work.
Zhang Runsheng emphasized that this industry downturn cycle should be used as an opportunity to cultivate the ability to "pass the winter", lay a solid foundation, accumulate momentum and empower, firmly complete the tasks and goals assigned by the group company and joint-stock company, make progress in responding to crises, and move towards victory in overcoming challenges.