Interpretation of "energy" and "electricity" makes TA "lead the way"


The energy and power plant has established a multi-level "one person, one performance" performance index system, focusing on the improvement of key indicators such as power generation and stable power supply, highlighting core business and increasing the weight of rewards and punishments, and creating a "horse racing" assessment mechanism that corresponds to income and contribution. The plant continues to optimize the operation mode of the thermal system, improve the utilization level of low-quality waste heat, and increase the self-generation capacity of waste heat and energy. According to the high-temperature water heat balance model, the full-load production of the hot water system in the non-heating season is realized for the first time, replacing medium and low pressure steam.
The factory attaches great importance to equipment management, replaces "zero failure" of equipment management with "zero impact" of equipment management, and actively builds "employee empowerment home". After dismantling waste equipment on site, the equipment structure is displayed so that employees can understand the equipment structure, and make key breakthroughs in weak items.
The factory conducts training competitions on the theme of equipment maintenance every month. Through the combination of theory and practical competitions, standardized process demonstrations after the competition, and a normalized mechanism of monthly training, the equipment management and control level of employees is improved. In the first half of the year, the factory achieved "zero impact" and "zero downtime" on the main line of production, providing an important guarantee for lean supply protection.