Lean endows "capability" to compete for the top


The energy and power plant anchors the target positioning of "struggling for the upper reaches and walking ahead", establishes the "one, three, five, four, five, six" lean management work ideas, optimizes the operation system, management structure and conceptual behavior, and uses lean management methods and tools in an immersive manner. Taking the opportunity of building a lean management talent team, it continuously improves the lean supply guarantee capability of the system, strives to become the first echelon of the company's lean management, and supplies surging momentum for the company to build a world-class high-quality plate base. Won the company's "2022 Lean Management Advanced Unit" and "On-site Management Benchmarking Factory" and other titles.
The whole process of multi-dimensional diagnosis solves the problem
The factory carries out self-diagnosis of the whole process from bottom to top, covering all management rooms and operation areas, comprehensively and in-depth identification and mining of new potential points, and comprehensively improves the lean diagnostic capabilities of the lean management team of the factory, such as lean thinking, methods, tool applications, organizational planning, data processing, and potential point mining; according to the diagnostic report, problems are found, reasons are analyzed, and problems are solved to form a virtuous circle. Since the beginning of this year, a total of 196 problems have been found in the diagnosis and 324 measures have been formulated.
"Continuous improvement" staged a vivid practice of lean supply guarantee
In the first quarter of the factory's self-improvement sharing and commendation meeting, he shared the project of "Application of new plugging method on low-pressure pipelines" which not only reduced the labor intensity of maintenance workers, improved the effect and safety of gas plugging, but also reduced the cost by more than 800,000 yuan. The continuous promotion of self-improvement sharing commendation meetings and lean training has ignited the enthusiasm of more employees to participate in lean management and reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Guided by key breakthroughs, capacity building, and model building, the factory has formed a three-level promotion mechanism of monthly inspections led by factory leaders, weekly inspections of work areas, and normalization of team management. Grid-based control has been carried out from the aspects of 6S management and visual management. At the same time, combined with the company’s "three cleans, four nos, and five no leaks" lean management governance requirements, it has carried out "review" from time to time. Each operation area has formed an internal routing communication mechanism. It conducts full-coverage inspections of management territories or professional management areas every month. A total of 430 on-site problems have been rectified. Effectively promote the improvement of on-site management.