How do you see the industry situation? How to deal with the changing situation? How to complete the indicators? Shanxi Iron and Steel Group will make important deployments in the semi-annual meeting


Hou Jun said in his speech that it is necessary to clarify the development orientation, clarify the industry situation, and actively respond to problems and challenges while actively seeking changes. He made an in-depth analysis of the situation facing the steel industry from three aspects: "changing situation" in the industry, "clear trend" in operation, and "under heavy pressure" in development, and summarized the severe challenges and countermeasures encountered by enterprises this year. He pointed out that, as a typical cyclical industry, after more than six years of supply-side structural reform policy bonus period, my country's iron and steel industry has entered a downward cycle and reduction development stage since the second half of last year. In the face of changes in the industry, the group company accurately studied and judged the situation, made timely work arrangements for "survival", anchored in the goal of "struggling for the top and leading the way", insisted on "reversing the scale, model control, refining and correcting deviations, stimulating strengths and overcoming weaknesses", and went all out to "decisively fight in the second quarter and sprint for more than half of the time", ensuring the stable and orderly operation of the group company and the continuous enhancement of development resilience. The market is fair, and Shanxi Iron & Steel must ultimately rely on itself if it wants to develop. In the face of new directions and new challenges for the development of the industry in the coming period, we must face up to our shortcomings and actively respond to the uncertainties of market changes with the firmness of our internal skills.

Hou Jun pointed out that it is necessary to highlight the key directions, clarify how to deal with the changing situation, and improve the quality and efficiency of development through precise efforts. In the face of changes in the macro situation, the whole group must be firmly goal-oriented, problem-oriented, and policy-oriented, focusing on stopping losses and increasing profits, tapping potentials and increasing efficiency, focusing on key links and important nodes, focusing on extreme operations internally, and expanding the price difference between purchases and sales externally.

● First, adhere to the "feelings for the people and the well-being of employees", resolutely complete the key assessment indicators, and cross the "survival line". The leading groups of all units, especially the main leaders, should highlight the "accounting" operation, optimize the monthly control model, and change from "doing the calculation" to "calculating the work", focusing on the work every month, step by step, and take breakthrough measures to ensure the completion of the target tasks. The total profit must strive to achieve "one reduction and two increases". "One reduction" means to reduce the scale of platform unit losses, and "two increases" means to enhance the profitability of the main steel industry and increase the level of profitability of multiple industries.

● The second is to do a good job in improving key quality indicators, lay a solid foundation for development, and strive to cross the "development line". All units of the group company must strictly implement the performance appraisal plan for the high-quality development of provincial-managed enterprises, actively connect and act in advance around the realization of the goals for the second half of the year and the whole year. Attach great importance to the management of net cash flow from operating activities, further highlight and firmly establish the concept of "cash is king". Build a solid line of defense against capital risks to ensure the safety and stability of the group's overall capital chain.

● The third is to implement a strong incentive and hard constraint assessment mechanism to strongly transmit market pressure and policy orientation. It is necessary to implement positive incentives for organizational performance, increase strong incentives and hard constraints for "key minority", break down indicators layer by layer, compact and compact management responsibilities at all levels, and support corresponding assessment policies to strive for the best performance.

● The fourth is to adhere to innovation-driven, comprehensively enhance the development momentum, and deepen the reform of scientific and technological innovation systems and mechanisms. Promote the construction of "Shuzhishan Steel", adhere to the green orientation, vigorously promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, strengthen system thinking, and highlight efficient coordination.

● Fifth, comprehensively deepen reform, stimulate development vitality, plan and implement a new round of state-owned enterprise reform deepening and upgrading activities. Deeply promote the reform of the cadre and personnel system, actively promote the improvement of personnel efficiency, intensify the work of "recruiting talents and attracting wisdom", and strive to improve the work of benchmarking and finding gaps.

Hou Jun pointed out that it is necessary to find out the correct working method, clarify how to complete the target, and ensure the realization of the target in the process of changing the work style and implementing it. It is necessary to carry out high-quality theme education and build consensus among all members. In the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, middle school theory, finding methods, and making breakthroughs, high-quality implementation of thematic education results, transformation of research results, unremitting efforts to do a good job in situation and task education, and push forward special rectification and rectification. We must adhere to the people-oriented principle and implement it with a strong sense of responsibility. Adhere to problem orientation, dare to fight, be good at fighting, improve work efficiency, strengthen departmental service linkage and interaction between upper and lower levels, and further improve the well-being of employees. We must resolutely build a "bottom line" and go all out to prevent risks. Deepen the "integrated" management of risk, internal control, compliance and legal affairs, solidly promote the implementation of safety and environmental protection responsibilities for all employees, and continuously improve audit services and supervision efficiency. It is necessary to vigorously create a clean and positive political ecology to escort the reform and development of enterprises. Promote the concreteness, precision, and normalization of political supervision, promote the "three non-corruption" in an integrated manner, and continue to strengthen the construction of work style.

"Safety and danger do not give way to one's ambition, and danger does not change one's heart." Hou Jun emphasized that building a world-class enterprise is our unswerving pursuit of the goal. The key lies in hard work, focusing on style and responsibility. In the face of many challenges, the cadres and workers of the whole group must strengthen their confidence, face up to difficulties, work hard, and advance bravely, resolutely complete the tasks and goals for the third quarter, the second half of the year, and the whole year, protect the group, the listed company, and the interests of employees, and submit a qualified and satisfactory answer sheet to the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the provincial SASAC, and the cadres and workers of the whole group.