Feel the temperature of Shandong Iron and Steel


On May 16, the guests of the China Brand Day (Shandong) event, led by Wu Chengbing, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and Lin Yanqin, Deputy Mayor of the Rizhao Municipal Government, visited the company for on-site observation. They visited the company's intelligent control hall and the galvanizing production site of the cold rolling plant.
In the intelligent management and control hall, Sun Weihua, on behalf of the company, made an introduction on the theme of "Building an Outstanding Brand and Building a Pioneering Demonstration Zone for High-quality Development"

The first is to implement the general requirements for party building in state-owned enterprises and build a leading brand for party building. The company adheres to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, takes comprehensive study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China as the main line, and focuses on the development strategy of stock quality improvement and incremental rise, and continues to deepen the construction of the "Three Airline Projects", and unswervingly promotes the construction of a safe, intelligent, efficient, green and high-end iron and steel strong enterprise.

The second is to promote green and intelligent upgrading and create a smart and low-carbon brand. The company adheres to the "two in one entry" and further promotes the "three governance and four modernizations" to achieve ultra-low emission of waste gas, zero discharge of waste water, and no solid waste leaving the factory. Its various indicators are domestically leading, and it has won honors such as national green factory and national water efficiency leading enterprise, and has become a green development leader in the national steel industry. The company adheres to the requirements of "Four Uniforms", builds a new intelligent steel plant information architecture platform "iPlant" that integrates cloud computing, big data and other new generation information technologies, and explores a digital transformation road that integrates "management innovation + technological innovation". The company was rated as a pilot enterprise for the implementation of the national two-informatization integration management system, and two projects were rated as a pilot demonstration project for the digital transformation of Shandong provincial enterprises and a pilot demonstration project for intelligent manufacturing in Shandong Province.
The third is to benchmark the leading enterprises in the industry and build a lean management brand. The company formulated a lean management implementation outline, and achieved cost reduction and efficiency increase by focusing on lean projects; building five major modules to improve management; lean training and empowerment to cultivate backbone teams; self-improvement by all employees to stimulate grassroots vitality; implementation of standardization + to improve production line efficiency; conduct on-site observations to find and solve problems, and continue to promote iterative upgrades in operation management to achieve continuous improvement in economic benefits. Up to now, the company has completed 223 lean projects, and the comparable cost per ton of steel has been reduced by 500 yuan.

The fourth is to promote the upgrading of the development engine and create an innovation-driven brand. The company takes business plan management as the general starting point, deepens reforms, tackles difficulties, manages innovations, and further promotes employee stock ownership, one person, one table, contractual management, and target responsibility system assessment, etc., and constantly breaks down institutional barriers that restrict high-quality development. Extensively build a platform for the growth of experts and talents, invest in the establishment of 14 innovation studios, and build 11 provincial and municipal R&D platforms. A group of outstanding scientific and technological workers represented by national model workers and National People's Congress representative Hu Shu'e have emerged. There are 4 leading talents in the Taishan industry and 3 young and middle-aged experts who have made outstanding contributions in Shandong Province. Based on their positions, the company's scientific and technological workers have accumulated more than 500 independent research and development technologies, providing strong support for the company's high-quality development.

The fifth is to create value for users and create an outstanding quality brand. The company continues to improve the quality management system, establishes a user-centered lean quality operation management system, deepens QCDVS services, strengthens the "five-in-one" collaboration, and strives to increase user viscosity and user cooperation share, and improve user satisfaction. Innovate the quality management model, and improve the quality management level by deepening the consistent quality management and establishing a "quality gate" covering each process and key positions of the company. The company's products are distributed in key fields such as construction machinery, ocean engineering, and transportation, helping to build the country's heavy equipment. The products are used in the production and construction of the world's largest wheeled crane, the world's tallest 12m hydraulic support, the Binzhou Yellow River Bridge, and the ice waterfall steel structure of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The company has successively won the titles of National Market Quality Credit Rating AAA · Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking Enterprise, China Iron and Steel Industry Product Development Market Development Award, and National Green Design Products.

The China Brand Day event is an important practice to implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Three Transformations" and the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on brand development. The 2023 "China Brand Day" (Shandong) event of "Good products in Shandong, quality benefits" was held in Rizhao City from May 16th to 17th. The home event showcased quality brand performance around the three themes of "Quality Innovation, Empowering the Construction of a Strong Province", "Working Together to Build a Model Model", and "Energetic Sunshine and Enjoying Quality Life". More than 10 departments directly under the provincial government, including the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the first batch of "Haopin Shandong" brand representative enterprises, the top 30 comprehensive strength enterprises of construction enterprises in Shandong Province, the first batch of representatives of quality management model promotion enterprises, and more than 10 media from inside and outside the province gathered in Rizhao to discuss and promote quality development.